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Dedicated v/s Managed Servers

Services Dedicated Servers Managed Servers
Setup Common Setup Full Setup
Server deployment Yes Yes
WHMCS Installation Yes Yes
cPanel Installation Yes Yes
Installation of core software packages Yes Yes
Installation of popular CMSes X Yes
Firewall installation and configuration X Yes
Add-On setup and configuration (IP blocks, Softaculous etc.) X Yes
Upgrades for cPanel Yes Yes
Upgrades for OS Yes Yes
Upgrades of core software packages Yes Yes
Timely security audits X Yes
OS hardening X Yes
Countering spam (inbound and outbound) X Yes
On-request anti-virus and malware scans X Yes
Regular security enhancements X Yes
Maintenance and Repair
Server boot issues Yes Yes
Network issues Yes Yes
Hardware issues Yes Yes
Core OS updates and patches Yes Yes
Reverse DNS set up Yes Yes
Repair of cPanel installation Yes Yes
Best efforts third party application support X Yes
Repair of all supported software X Yes
On-request updates of supported software X Yes
Full web server support including Apache X Yes
Full control panel support X Yes
Log file analysis X Yes
Uptime monitoring X Yes
All services monitoring (HTTP, FTP, cPanel, Plesk) X Yes
Advanced protocol monitoring (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP etc.) X Yes
Critical resources monitoring X Yes
Other Services
Setting up scheduled back ups over SAN or another server X Yes
Advanced migration services of unlimited accounts and size X Yes
MySQL optimization X Yes
Protection from spam X Yes