Dear clients,

Free Promo Domain Name Offer will Come Back Again.
Offer will restart from 01/08 till 30/09/2017.

This offer applies to All Cloud Server Hosting Plans and it's applies to all promo domains for which their price is less $4.00 USD.
Our Offer contains more than 100 Domain Names to registed for free.
Free domain registration is valid for one year period and after this period your free domain will be in it's normal price.

Copy Promo Coupon Code:
& Paste It Into Your Order.

Free Domain Name

For all clients which decide to purchase any Plan which coming with a free lifetime domain name...
1. Client can proceed to their free desired domain name with-as plan rules.
2. Then you can proceed to search and find a second Domain Name from Promo List from those one which are under $4.00 proceed to check out add promo code FreePromoDomain and cost for 2nd Domain Name will be $0.00.
3. After clients order and after it's payment client can find-search for another one domain name under $4.00 USD cost.
4. When you find your second desired domain name then open a Ticket into our panel inform us which is your second desired domain name and our selling department staff will proceed to register for your & for free your second free domain name.

Notice: Our offer it's not valid for premium domains.

Here is the list for Free Promo Domains for which their price is lees than $4.00, this list might renew during month period so our promo price page give you real time TLDs which are valid.
Also in any case which you can't add your desired domain proceed to your hosting order, open a ticket to our sales team inform us which the domain which you like to register it and our team will do that for you.

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If there is any problem please open a ticket to our support team.

From - Sales Dept.
Free Promo Domains

Friday, July 28, 2017

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