Dear clients,

Last days cPanel change it's price policy on per month and per user base asking huge amounts from now on,
we was try to deal with them but they force us to stop uusing them as we can't ask you more money-funds which you had pay us for your plan.
The new prices for your knowledge per month!!!
$15 one user
$20 5 users
$30 30 users
$45 100 users and an added cost for any extra user!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you might easily finger we speak about some $ ?0.000 per moth added cost which we must ask them from your side!!!

So as to save it we set a middle solution Direct Admin
which is temporarily good solution.

This happening global to all hosting company's.

Do not do anything till we make a final announcement for this case.

From Support Team.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

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