Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate

Dear Clients,

3-www.NET offers to all shared hosting plans free SSL Certificate,

These are simple steps about how to install it,
1. When your account is ready and your domain point to our nameservers (SOS),
then and before you make any other move from our cPanel click on Lets Encrypt icon,
system will auto guide you for SSL installation.
2. Then you can procced to create your website with Zyro Builder or with any other ready softaculous script as like Wordpress or Joomla etc.
3. Remember that you have to delete or rename our systems auto created pages as like index.html or default.tmpl.
4. If you transfer from an other hosting provider your ready website which might have not a SSL then you have to re-save all it's ex-data with SSL support,
and for this there are many ready free tools out in the market so to do it.
As like for a ready wordpress website you can use Really Simple SSL
this free tool will auto-save and redirect all of your pages and data from http:// to https://
there many other free tools for the same work for WP or Joomla etc.
5. If your website retrieve data from external sources like a news site then it's better to do not install an SSL, if you install do it only for admin area.
6. Remember that Lets Encrypt need for re-new function your .htaccess to be rewritable.

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